Course Name Code Regular Semester ECTS Credits Credits Lecture 3
Application 0
RADIOCHEMISTRY 0244531 7 4 3 Laboratory (Hour/Week) 0
Course Language Turkish
Compulsory or Elective Elective
Equipment -
Instructor Prof. Dr. İnci Sönmezoğlu
Course Contents Atomic Nuclei / Radioactivity / Equations of Radioactive Decay and Growth / Interaction of Radiation with Matter / Radiation Detection and Measurement / Nuclear Reactions, Fission and Fusion / Nuclear Energy, Reactors and their Uses / Uses of Isotopes
Course Objectives
  1. To examine the fundamental properties of nuclei
  2. To examine the fundamental equations of radioactive decay
  3. To examine the interaction of radiation with matter
  4. To examine the radiation detection and measurement and protection for various types of radiation
  5. To examine the isotopic tracer in chemical applications
Course Outcomes
(The knowledge and the skills that the student will gain at the end of the course)
  1. To learn the relationships between the sciences of physics and chemistry
  2. To get the ability of protecting from the radioactivity
  3. To learn the laws and principles for nuclear phenomena
  4. To develop the enviromental sensivity of radioactivity
  1. BERKEM A.R., Çekirdek Kimyası ve Radyokimya, İstanbul Ünv. Basımevi,İstanbul, 1992
  2. FRIEDLANDER G., KENNEDY J. F.,MILLER J. M., Nuclear and Radiochemistry,Second Edition, 1964
Additional References
  1. ŞENVAR C., Atom, Molekül ve Çekirdek, Fizikokimya Cilt V, Hacettepe Ünv., Ankara, 1982
Prerequisite Courses -
Prerequisite Subjects -
Homework/Project -
Laboratory -
Computer Applications -
Additional Practices -
Course Evaluation Criteria
Number Effective Proportion %
Midterm Exams 2 60
Quiz - -
Homework - -
Term Projects - -
Term Papers - -
Laboratory - -
Other - -
Final Exam 1 40
Division of Course Credit (%) Basic Sciences 100
Basic Engineering and Departmental Core Courses -
Departmental Core Courses -
Social Sciences -

Week Subject
1 Atomic Nuclei
2 Elementary Particles
3 Radioactivity
4 Equations of radioactive decay and growth
5 Stability of nuclei and artificial radioactivity
6 Nuclear fission
7 Midterm exam I
8 Thermonuclear reactions, Nuclear fusion
9 Nuclear energy, Reactors and their uses
10 Concept of isotope, Seperation of isotopes
11 Artificial elements
12 Interaction of radiation with matter
13 Midterm exam II
14 Radiation detection and measurement
15 Tracers in chemical applications

Prepared by Prof. Dr. İnci Sönmezoğlu Date 01. 03. 2004