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On this page I post reviews and links to freeware chemistry programs available for download at other sites around the internet. All of the programs are ones that I have used, or currently use. None-the-less, I take no responsiblity for any problems you might experience as a result of installing any of these applications. Unless otherwise noted, the programs are for Windows systems.

Download Chemsketch ACD/ChemSketch 12 Freeware. ACD continues to release updates to the outstanding Chemsketch freeware. Chemsketch is an all-purpose chemical drawing and graphics software. Use templates or free-hand. Click and draw molecules, ions, stereobonds, text, polygons, arrows, lab aparatus, etc. Automatic calculation of MW and formula. See estimates of density, refractive index, molar volume, etc. ACDLabs also offers free downloads on several useful utilities and template packages that extend the usefulness of ChemSketch.

Click to see larger imagesFree Periodic Table of Elements From MobileReference: Free periodic table. Melting & boiling points, density, electronegativity, electron affinity. Features: Formatted for a small screen, atomic numbers, symbols, and weights. Chemical symbols. Navigate from Table of Contents or search for words and phrases. Access the guide anytime, anywhere - at home, on the train, in the subway. Prepare for the exam. Always have the guide available for a quick reference. Version 8.1 improves search and navigation.

Avogadro Icon Avogadro is an advanced molecular editor designed for cross-platform use in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, materials science and related areas. It offers a flexible rendering framework and a powerful plugin architecture.


Accelrys DrawAccelrys Draw is a program that allows you to generate structural formulas for complex molecules using a very intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The resulting images can then be exported to a variety of graphic formats for use in websites or word-processor documents. Though of limited use to a beginning high school chemistry student, this could be a very valuable application to the AP or college student. It is of particular value to the chemistry instructor, and is free for academic and non-commercial use. Available for PC only. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.


Accelrys JDrawNo-fee Accelrys JDraw for academic and non-commercial use. JDraw allows you to draw structures and reactions and copy them to another applicaton that understands chemical entities; examples include Accelrys Draw, ISIS/Draw, and ChemDraw. You can also copy structures from these applications and modify them in JDraw. A graphic image is also copied to the clipboard and that allows a picture to be pasted into Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint for reporting purposes.


Discovery Studio Visualizer 3.1 For those of you who remember WebLab Viewer, this is the updated version of that software from Accelrys. It includes a powerful molecular graphics viewer with superb rendering. An additional benefit is that graphics can be embedded in presentations such as Powerpoint using Object Linking and Embedding (OLE). You must complete a survey prior to downloading the software from Accelrys.


ChemAxon produces a wide range of Java-based chemistry tools, and they offer free academic licenses (you must register with them). While many of the tools would be most useful at the university level, there are several sketch and visualization tools that would be quite useful at the high school level as well. Their "Marvin" applets include Sketch and Visualization tools which may be used freely on non-commercial websites. Because these are written in Java, they run on almost any platform, and the applets run within most browsers.


Download Avogadro Avogadro is an advanced molecule editor and visualizer designed for cross-platform use in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, materials science, and related areas. It offers flexible high quality rendering and a powerful plugin architecture. The software works in Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X and all source code is available under the GNU GPL.


Molegro Molecular Viewer is a free cross-platform application for visualization of molecules in PDB, SDF, Mol2, and MVDML formats, as well as docking results from Molegro Virtual Docker. This cross-platform application runs under Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Features include automatic preparation of molecules, molecular surface and backbone visualization.


Jmol is a free, open source molecule viewer for students, educators, and researchers in chemistry and biochemistry. It is cross-platform, running on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux/Unix systems. The JmolApplet is a web browser applet that can be integrated into web pages. The Jmol application is a standalone Java application that runs on the desktop. The JmolViewer is a development tool kit that can be integrated into other Java applications. Jmol is the applet that I use to run my Molecule Library. I recommend it enthusiastically!


Chemistry Problems 1.0 exploits advanced numerical methods to generate instantaneously and continuously new situations and data to be inserted in numerous problems related to the various topics that are traditionally part of a basic Chemistry course. In each case, the software also calculates the corresponding solutions and shows them when prompted. Problems and solutions can be printed to pre-formatted text files, allowing to prepare personalized problem lists of any length and complexity. Various difficulty Levels can be selected, from the Basic Level (corresponding to the base preparation required for beginners) to the Excellent Level (a student capable of solving all problems of this level in various versions is certainly very well trained). When a level has been selected, the software shows only problems of difficulty lower or equal to that of the chosen level. The level can be changed at any moment. Topics covered are: Basics; Elements and Compounds; Stoichiometry; Gases, Solids and Liquids; Solutions; Thermodynamics and Kinetics; Chemical Equilibrium; Electrochemistry. The software features a number of useful Tools, such as an advanced Calculator, a Plotting tool, a Balancer of chemical reactions and a Visualizer of simple molecular structures. It also includes some Simulations of idealized laboratory experiments and a few Games, devised in such a way to help fixing in mind the fundamental concepts of Chemistry while also verifying the reached learning level.


SimChemistry for Windows allows you to set up, run and interactively modify simulations on your PC representing microscopic physical systems. You can play existing demo simulations (including those supplied) to learn about the molecular-level behaviour behind macroscopic chemical phenomena, or record your own to show others. You may introduce any number of types of molecules, with their own masses, radii and colours, and specify how each pair of types of molecule should interact -- be it through hard billiard-ball type collisions or through attractive Lennard-Jones interactions with user-settable parameters. Observe the behaviour of solids, liquids, gases, and mixtures; apply pressure with moving pistons and measure quantities with monitor regions. Add annotations anywhere to explain the action on screen. Plot XY graphs of changing quantities, and modify parameters via on-screen controls.


KnowItAll Academic Edition - In a continued commitment to academia, Bio-Rad is offering this completely FREE and fully functional software package to promote learning and research in the academic community. With the Academic Edition of KnowItAll, you can have it all and know it all for free-draw structures, perform IR and Raman functional group analysis, and generate high-quality reports. And best of all, this set of tools resides in one common interface, so it's easy to learn and easy to transfer data from application to application. The KnowItAll Academic Edition also includes free training movies to teach professors and students how to use and get the most out of the software. This program requires Windows 2000, or XP (Home or Professional).


RasTop is a molecular visualization software adapted from the program RasMol. I had been looking for a replacement for the formerly free WebLab Viewer program, and this is an outstanding candidate. RasTop wraps a user-friendly graphical interface around the "RasMol molecular engine". The software allows several molecules to be opened in the same window and several windows to be opened at the same time. Through an extended menu and a command panel, users can manipulate numerous molecules rapidly and learn about them. In addition, users can export to POVRay to create artistic renderings of molecules.


The Chemical Thesaurus software uses a relational database to store information about any chemical reaction process, including: radiochemistry, phase change, resonance structure interconversion, interchanging conformation, single electron transfer, complexation, substitution-displacement-transfer (which are mechanistically equivalent), redox reactions, photochemistry, rearrangements, multi-step mechanisms, synthetic pathways, simple (non-feedback controlled) biosynthetic pathways, etc., etc., etc. The application software is extensively hyper-linked. Just click around, explore, discover. They have available a web-based version, and a downloadable version.


AcidBaseLab is a titration curve calculation program that can be used to simulate real titration experiments. This program does much more than simply calculating the pH of a strong or a weak acid (or base). Instead, it can perform ANY pH-calculation, independent of the complexity of the composition under consideration. During titration, the color (indicator changes) of the solution can be monitored. You can simply edit the list of possible acid/base chemicals as well as the pH-indicator list to match your specific needs. Other features include graphical representation (and printing) of titration curves, and the ability to save experiments.


The Virtual Laboratory from the ChemCollective is a new personal favorite. The online version is a java applet, but they now have a downloadable version that will run on any Windows desktop computer. The software allows a student or instructor to simulate many lab activities. Acid base titration, buffer chemistry, limiting reactant stoichiometry and solution equilibria are but a few of the simulations that are possible with this software. There is also an Authoring Program that allows instructors to design their own lab activities and add their own reagents.


EniG. Periodic Table of the Elements contains the basic data about the element in 7 languages (Croatian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese). It shows visually the change of physical condition with the change of temperature. The language, the speed of temperature change and the exchange of elements can be adjusted by configuration file. The calculating module from the program Chemistry Assistant for fast calculating the molar mass of compounds has also been integrated in the Periodic Table. The Periodic Table can be incorporated into presentations, the change of temperature automatically started and the program closed. The color of background can be adjusted to match the color of the presentation slide.


Calc98 Calc98 is a free engineering, scientific and financial calculator for Windows. The program includes functions for statistics, use of different number bases (binary, octal, hexadecimal and base-n), metric units conversions and physical properties and constants. It has financial functions including investment, loan and mortgage calculator. It also computes time functions and has a stopwatch feature. It runs on Microsoft Windows (WindowsNT, Windows95/98/ME, Windows2000/XP) and WindowsCE (Pocket PC).


 The Royal Society of Chemistry's True Type Font is a Windows True Type font that allows you to put all of those hard to find chemistry symbols into your word processing documents. The font is free, but it is protected against embedding. If you try to use it in an Acrobat pdf document, the font will not embed, and the reader of the document will have to have the font installed in order to make sense of your work.


ChemLand is a program with many modules designed to illustrate and investigate important chemical principals and in some cases simulate lab activity. This is the original program on the website of its creator, Dr. William Vining. I have not run this program on Vista or XP, so I cannot attest to its compatability with those programs. You may need to run it in compatability mode.


Convert is an easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions!


Orbital ViewerOrbital Viewer is a program for drawing orbitals. This has many features, and comes in both a Windows version and a command-line interface version. Draw any atom, any molecule, create animations, do cutaways, show the locations where the probability goes to zero. Light the orbital from any location, cast shadows, and save files in TIFF, PPM, BMP, AVI, and VRML formats.


sicyon iconSicyon is a software tool for everybody using physical or chemical formulas and tables of constants - students or professors; physicists or chemists; scientists or engineers. It is easy-to-use and has everything you need when you calculate or analyze your formula. Sicyon is all-in-one type of software consisting of an expression calculator, constants database, units converter, and solver. A superb program that requires only 1.5 megs of your hard drive.